Everybody needs good neighbours! Why feeling connected to your local community is more important than ever

In these days of devices, families living half way around the globe and 24/7 bad news, lots of us are feeling a bit lost. It appears we need to look close to home and in the local community for the solution.

Dutch Bier Amstel couldn’t agree more. According to research conducted by Amstel, over half of Brits don’t know their neighbour’s name, and only four in ten feel connected to their local community. Almost a third of us don’t even know what our neighbours look like!

That’s why it’s created Neighbours’ Week (June 17 – 23, 2019), which invites neighbours across Britain to come together at the heart of their community – the local pub. After all, Amstel’s research found that once you know your neighbours, you’re more likely to develop friendships and feel a greater sense of community.

So, you won’t just feel at home within your own four walls and behind your fence, but your entire neighbourhood becomes your very own extended support system too.

Neighbours’ Week isn’t coming a moment too soon.

Here are a few reasons to get to know your neighbours.


Watching sporting events with your neighbours isn’t just fun, it can be good for your mood, too!

Of course, you can watch the highlights of 2019’s sporting calendar on your own, but isn’t it far more fun going to the pub and enjoying Wimbledon, the Grand Prix, The Open and the Ashes in the company of local mates?

There’s even scientific proof that watching your team as a team is good for you. A Chicago professor wrote a paper showing that watching sport improves your language skills, (though only when discussing that sport!).

Even better, the connection you have with others means that as a sporting fan, you are likely to have higher self esteem; when your team wins, your own self esteem goes up too.

With families so often scattered around the world, friends are the family you choose.

The friends you see every day are the ones to whom you feel the closest, because they know your day-to-day business, and they’re the ones who will cheer you up.

Even better if they’re happy people; a 20-year-long study called the Framlingham Heart Study found that friends living within a mile of each other and next door neighbours influence happiness the most.

Getting to know your neighbours and the people in community can be of enormous benefit both to your own health and that of others.

It has been found that loneliness can be linked to poor health, and having fewer social ties is associated with all sorts of problems, such as high blood pressure.

So, for the sake of your health (and even – gulp – how long you live), get to know those living around you.


Two years ago, a University of Oxford study showed that a man’s happiness was hugely improved by hanging out with friends in a social setting twice a week.

Robin Dunbar, Head of the Department of Neuroscience at Oxford University, pointed out that being engaged with the local community in this way can affect how satisfied you feel with life.

Plus, what better way of celebrating Neighbours’ Week than by going down to your local pub with your neighbours and having a good old natter?

Getting to know your neighbours doesn’t just have social benefits – it can be practical too.

For example, next time you’re away, you might find your new-found relationships reap rewards, like finding people who are happy to water your plants, feed the cat and keep an eye on your house when you’re on holiday.

So, you can catch some sun abroad and be safe in the knowledge that Tibbles is getting all the care he needs. And when your neighbours go on holiday, you can return the favour.

The message is clear: get to know your neighbours. Whether it’s a wave across the street, a chat over the fence, or getting together in the local pub. If you’re having a great conversation or a laugh, you don’t worry about being part of the cool club (or whether you’ve got a six pack). You ARE the cool club!

Join in Amstel’s Neighbours’ Week!

Dutch bier Amstel has created a nationwide campaign, Neighbours’ Week (June 17–23, 2019) that invites neighbours across Britain to come together at the heart of the community: the local pub.

With thousands of pubs at the heart of communities, Amstel is encouraging neighbours across the country to celebrate Neighbours’ Week at their local.

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